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Pathological liar

They have an urge to lie and often they no longer know whether what they say is true or not. They live in a fantasy world. These are pathological liars, but do you know what exactly they are? And why do people lie anyway? And how do you get rid of this disease?

What is it?

If you are a pathological liar you have an uncontrollable urge to lie , you live in a fantasy world. When lying causes serious problems in the relationship between the liar and his environment, we speak of pathological or pathological behavior .A difficult aspect of pathological liars is whether these people know they are lying or whether they actually believe their own lies. People don’t really know the answer to that. Yet there are strong indications that most pathological liars know what they are doing. They usually know that they are lying, but not why they are lying.A checklist to determine pathological lying could be:

  • a sick tendency to lie
  • you get bored quickly
  • behavioral problems in childhood
  • strong persuasiveness
  • contradictory statements
  • impulsive behavior
  • manipulative behavior
  • irresponsible behavior
  • no compassion


How does one do this?

Why do people actually lie? There is no single answer to this, one person lies because he has a behavioral disorder, the other because he has difficulty controlling his impulses. You may also have a personality disorder, such as ASPS. This stands for Anti-Social Personality Disorder, anyone who has this does not understand the consequences of lying. They are often very charming people and have no guilt when they lie.

How do you get rid of it?

Curing a pathological liar is very difficult, it is more than a disease. It is often necessary to dig deeper into the character to uncover the actual problems . The liar must want to be treated, but because they live in a make-believe world they often no longer realize what is true and what is not .It is also often speculated that pathological liars do not suffer from the disease themselves, but this is not entirely true. There are plenty of liars out there who want to be helped. Psychiatrists are often involved in the treatment. In the worst case, the pathological liars are treated in a psychiatric institution .

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