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Number of calories in fruit juices and drinks

Fruit juices are drunk by some as a healthy alternative to soft drinks. But appearances are deceiving, because fruit juices often contain as much sugar as soft drinks, while the good vitamins and fiber in the juice have been lost. Some fruit juices contain even more sugar than soda. Choosing a fruit drink can be a good alternative. These are available in variants that contain less sugar. But be careful, because the difference in calorie counts between different fruit drinks can be large.

Fruit juice or fruit drink

Fruit juices and fruit drinks are drinks that contain fruit. The difference between the two is that fruit juice consists of 100 percent fruit. This may also be made from a fruit concentrate that has been supplemented with water to the original water content of the fruit in question. Fruit drink also contains fruit juice, but is supplemented with other ingredients such as sugar, citric acid, flavorings and other excipients. The fruit content in these drinks may vary and must be stated on the packaging.

How healthy is fruit juice?

Although fruit juices are made from fruits, they are not healthy. There are several reasons why whole fruit is better than fruit in the form of a drink.


The juice from fruits contains sugar. Drinking sugary drinks can unknowingly provide a lot of calories because it does not provide a satiating effect. In addition, sugar can lead to an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Drinking fruit in the form of juice gives a much less satiated feeling than eating a piece of fruit. Chewing gives the brain a faster signal that food has been consumed. In addition, eating takes more time and energy, which means smaller quantities are eaten. You can quickly drink a 250 milliliter glass of juice, while eating 250 grams of fruit takes much more effort.

Tooth decay

Another disadvantage is that fruit juices are very acidic. Acids from fruit juice can dissolve the minerals from the teeth. The tooth enamel will be damaged first, and with frequent acid attacks the body will not have time to repair this. In this case, the tooth itself is also affected and tooth decay occurs.

Vitamins and fiber

Finally, fruit juices lack the positive properties of the fruit. Most fibers and vitamins are lost during juicing. Fresh juice with pulp will still contain quite a bit of fiber and vitamins, but ready-made fruit juices are often no better than a glass of soft drink.

Number of calories

The number of calories in fruit juices and drinks is highly dependent on the sugar content. Because fruit juices do not contain added sugars, the number of calories here is linked to the sugar content of the fruit in question. Fruit drinks usually contain extra sugars. However, the number of calories in these drinks does not have to be higher. They contain less fruit and more water, and water of course contains no calories. The table below shows the calories of different types of fruit juices and drinks. The number of calories is an indication, especially for juices, because the sugar content in fruit and therefore also in fruit juices can vary.

Juice or drink Number of calories per 100 ml Number of calories per 200 ml glass
Pineapple juice 45 90
Apple juice 35 70
Appelsientje Double Drink Apricot & Orange 57 114
Appelsientje Double Drink Pineapple & Guava 53 106
Appelsientje Double Drink Mango & Guanabana 53 106
Appelsientje Double Drink Passion & Pear 50 100
Appelsientje Double Drink Orange & Peach 55 110
Berry juice 35 70
Lemon juice 30 60
CoolBest Coconut Mango Tango 40 80
CoolBest Passionfruit Heaven 49 98
CoolBest Pink Grapefruit 40 80
CoolBest Premium Apple 45 90
CoolBest Premium Orange 42 84
CoolBest Mango Dream 47 94
CoolBest Red Citrus 42 84
CoolBest Skinny Orange 27 54
CoolBest Skinny Tropical 27 54
CoolBest Strawberry Hill 46 92
CoolBest Sunny Coconut 41 82
CoolBest VitaDay Original 45 90
CoolBest VitaDay Beetroot with Apple, Raspberry and Black Currant 43 86
CoolBest VitaDay Tropical 43 86
CoolBest VitaDay Carrot with Orange, Apple and Passionfruit 40 80
Cranberry juice 62 124
Grape juice 70 140
Double fresh pineapple & mango 28 56
Double fresh apple & peach 28 56
Double fresh apple & blackcurrants 27 54
Double fresh raspberry & cranberry 27 54
Dubbelfresh free apple pear 17 34
Double fresh free peach & mandarin 16 32
Double fresh light apple & peach 15 30
Double fresh light white grapes and lemon 18 36
Double fresh orange & mandarin 27 54
Double fresh white grapes & lemon 27 54
Grapefruit juice 31 62
Hero’s Love For Fruit Apple & Forest Fruit 48 96
Hero’s Love For Fruit Yellow Fruit 41 82
Hero’s Love For Fruit Multifruit 49 98
Hero’s Love For Fruit Red Fruit 40 80
Hero’s Love For Fruit Orange & Strawberry 46 92
Hero’s Love For Fruit Orange & Kiwi 50 100
Hero’s Love For Fruit Orange & Mango 48 96
Lime juice 32 64
Pear juice 35 70
Roosvicee 50/50 Forest fruit 17 34
Roosvicee 50/50 Fruit mix 17 34
Roosvicee 50/50 Soft fruit 19 38
Roosvicee 50/50 Red fruit 18 36
Roosvicee 50/50 Fresh fruit 18 36
Roosvicee Multivit Kiwi Orange 36 72
Roosvicee Multivit Peach 36 72
Roosvicee Multivit Forest fruits 36 72
Roosvicee Multivit Strawberry Orange 35 70
Roosvicee Multivit 0% sugar added fruit mix 14 28
Roosvicee Multivit peach light 12 24
Roosvicee Multivit forest fruits light 10 20
Orange juice 35 70
Taksi 50 100
Tomato juice 15 30
Elderberry juice 60 120
Wicky Strawberry 30 60
Wicky Apple 29 58
Wicky Banana 30 60
Wicky Raspberry 30 60
Wicky Fruit 30 60
Wicky Orange 30 60
Wicky Zero 3 6


Fruit juice while losing weight

If you want to lose weight, it is better not to drink fruit juice or drinks. They provide calories without filling the stomach. It is better to choose water, tea or coffee without sugar. If you still enjoy drinking fruit drinks, a light alternative may be an option. There are no light alternatives for fruit juices, because all the sugar comes from the fruit. It is therefore better to choose fruit juices that naturally have a low sugar content, such as tomato juice, lemon juice or grapefruit juice, and supplement them with water if necessary. You can also opt for vegetable juice. This contains less sugar and often more fiber.

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