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Weleda natural facial care for young skin

Weleda natural facial care for young skin consists of a natural day cream, facial cream and a night cream. The facial products hydrate the skin and prevent and restore dehydrated skin. This occurs, for example, when your skin is exposed to a drying atmosphere and drying substances in facial care products. Organic iris root extract helps the skin to maintain and restore its natural moisture balance. This means that young skin retains its lively, fresh appearance.

  • Three moisturizing creams
  • Which day cream to choose?
  • Hydration with iris
  • Where to buy?
  • What does it cost?


Three moisturizing creams

Weleda natural facial care for young skin consists of a day cream, light facial cream and a night cream.

Iris Moisturizing Day Cream

This is a natural day cream for drier skin and also for dehydrated skin. The cream not only has a moisturizing effect due to the addition of iris root, but also restores the skin’s natural protective layer. This prevents the moisture in the skin from evaporating. Iris Moisturizing Day Cream is also a nice cream if you want to protect your normal skin a little more in the winter.

Iris Moisturizing Cream Light

Weledas natural face cream for oily young skin is low in fat and light in texture. Because of its moisturizing ability, Iris Moisturizing Cream Light is also suitable for oily skin that is dehydrated. This is, for example, skin that is shiny and yet flaky. The cream feels light and fresh on your skin. Iris Moisturizing Cream Light is suitable as a day and night cream.

Iris Moisturizing Night Cream

Nighttime is the time for the skin to recover and regenerate. Iris Moisturizing Night Cream contains extracts of Calendula and chamomile to support the skin in its nightly recovery process. The cream is also rich in nourishing substances, such as shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax. The skin absorbs these nutrients well at night and uses them to form new skin cells. This way it retains its lively, fresh appearance. The orris root extract, which has also been added to this cream, helps the skin maintain its natural moisture balance and restore it.Which day cream you choose depends on your skin type and skin condition. / Source: AdinaVoicu, Pixabay

Which day cream to choose?

Weleda facial care for young skin is suitable for normal skin, oily skin and dry skin. You can also use this series of natural facial care products for dehydrated skin. The products all have a moisturizing effect. The products are less suitable for sensitive skin. It is then better to use Weledas facial care for sensitive skin.

Normal skin

If you have normal skin, choose Iris Moisturizing Cream Light. Your skin mainly needs hydration and less rich nutrition and care. The cream is also suitable as a night cream. In winter, normal skin often requires more nourishment and protection. You can then use Iris Hydrating Day Cream for the daily care of your skin. For the night, Iris Moisturizing Night Cream provides rich nourishing care to prevent your skin from drying out.

Fat skin

The low-fat Iris Moisturizing Cream Light is very suitable as a day cream for oily skin. You can also use this as a night cream. Both in summer and winter. Your skin already has enough protection of itself because it produces (more) than enough skin oils.

Dry skin

You can care for dry skin with Iris Hydrating Day Cream. The cream is rich in natural fats, which restore the skin’s natural lipid film. This natural protective layer is damaged by dry skin, for example by the use of soap.

Combination skin

If you have combination skin, you can care for the oily areas (usually the forehead, nose and chin) with Iris Moisturizing Cream Light and the drier, tighter skin on the cheeks with Iris Moisturizing Day Cream.

Dehydrated skin

All Weledas Iris Line creams are suitable for dehydrated skin because of the moisture-regulating extract of organic iris root that they contain. Dehydrated skin is skin where the natural moisture balance is disturbed, causing it to feel chapped or flaky. For oily, dehydrated skin, it is best to choose Iris Moisturizing Cream Light. You can care for dry, dehydrated skin with Iris Hydrating Day Cream. Dehydrated skin is not so easy to recognize because its characteristics are the same as those of dry skin.Characteristics of dehydrated skin You can recognize dehydrated skin by flaky skin, chapped skin, rough skin, burning skin, itchy skin or prickly skin. You can also have wrinkled or sagging skin if the moisture balance of your skin is disturbed. If you want to know whether you have dehydrated skin, push your skin slightly upwards with your finger. If thin crackle lines appear, your skin is dehydrated.How does dehydrated skin arise? Although no skin is naturally dehydrated, it can become dehydrated due to internal factors, such as disturbances in water balance and changes in hormone levels. Too low humidity due to central heating or air conditioning also affects the natural moisture level of the skin. Just like soap, aggressive scrubs, skin brushes, alcohol-based care products or products with ingredients that irritate your skin.With dehydrated skin, it is mainly about restoring the moisture balance. You do this with products that regulate the moisture balance of the skin, so that the skin can retain moisture better. One of these products is orris root.In the early morning you can see rows of ‘dew drops’ on the iris leaves. / Source: DEZALB, Pixabay

Hydration with iris

They bloom in May: the irises with their curving purple flowers that give Weleda’s facial care line for young skin its name. If you look underground and at the process of the plant, you will discover its special ability to deal with moisture. The iris regulates its moisture balance in a unique way. She does this in her brown, tuberous rhizome. There it forms mucus-like substances that can retain and release water. This allows the plant to withstand both drought and wetness for months. You can therefore encounter irises on dry sandy soil, but also in a swamp.The iris also handles water in a special way. If the plant contains too much water, it excretes it through its leaves. Weleda uses this natural hydrating ability in its natural facial products for young skin. Organic iris root extract helps the skin to restore its moisture balance, so that it retains a healthy amount of moisture and excretes excess. This gives it a lively, fresh appearance.

Where to buy?

Weledas natural facial products are available in many health food stores, health food stores and drugstores. You can also order the products online. These are often cheaper in price.

What does it cost?

All Weledas facial care products for young skin have (approximately) the same price. A 30 ml tube of Iris Moisturizing Day Cream, Light Face Cream and Night Cream costs around 13.99 (prices apply to 2016).

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