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How do you remove hair from legs?

Removing hair from legs is an annoying job that unfortunately occurs every week and for some even every day. There are many different ways to remove unwanted hair. More and more new hair removal methods are also coming onto the market. What are these and how do they work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?


Shaving is the oldest and cheapest method. This can be done with a blade but also with a lady shaver. Whatever you find easiest. You also need shaving foam with the blade. The disadvantage of shaving is that you only enjoy it for one day, after which stubble appears. The hairs that grow back also appear stiffer. So shaving is a simple method, but you have to repeat it often, at least every two days, to be stubble-free.


Epilation is a more painful method than shaving. You can do this with wax strips or an epilady and this method is actually only suitable for the legs, unless you have a very high pain threshold. Resin strips in particular require decisiveness and perseverance. It remains a painful act to pull the strip off in one go. Besides the fact that the method is painful, it also takes more time than shaving. The advantage of epilation is that the hairs stay away for three to four weeks. Hair growth also seems to decrease in the long run. The disadvantage is that the hairs have to be a bit longer to be able to remove them properly.

Depilatory cream

Just like shaving, using depilatory cream is painless. You simply apply this to your legs and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Then rinse it with plenty of water. Some brands also include a rubber shaving case with which you must first remove the cream from your legs. Moreover, just like shaving, you can also use this for the armpits and bikini line. It is best to try the hair removal cream on a very small area of skin the first time. Depilatory cream can cause allergic reactions. The advantage is that the hairs stay away for almost two weeks, but the disadvantage is that skin irritation occurs more often than with shaving.

Sundepil hair removal pads

With this you, as it were, sand the hairs with circular movements of your legs. This method is also only suitable for your legs. This is because the pad contains small crystals that immediately give the skin a peeling treatment. The risk of skin irritations, pimples and bumps is greater than with shaving. After use, you must rub your legs well because this treatment also dries out the skin enormously. Your skin will feel soft and smooth after the treatment. The hairs stay away for about one week and the hairs do not appear to become stiffer. It does take a lot more time than shaving.


Following the Sundepil hair removal pad, several brands have launched a kind of sandpaper glove on the market. These gloves do remove the hairs, but cause a lot of skin irritation. The skin also feels painful and tight afterwards, with many red spots and bumps. Afterwards you will have to rub the skin well. After the pain and irritation subsides, you will have silky smooth skin, but at what cost.


This method is applied at a beauty clinic and is good for smooth legs for at least five years. It is a very expensive method and requires multiple treatments. The darker the hair, the better the result. Pigment spots may occur and the treatment is not completely painless.Tip! Always use a non- perfumed cream to moisturize your legs after hair removal . This is to prevent allergic reactions and painful irritation.