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Working is healthy, but often not under great work pressure

Too much work pressure can be disastrous for a company’s employees, not only for them, but also for the company itself. There is nothing wrong with working on your own, as long as it is not done reluctantly or under excessive pressure. In the Netherlands, however, the workload within companies and in construction often seems greater than abroad. In addition, the Dutch are often hard workers because of their background and in this way they go the extra mile. Those who are concerned about this often only notice it when they are on holiday. During the first week of rest you can really get sick or get a migraine and only the second week you can really relax. That can sometimes be dangerous. Not only for driving behavior, but also for the relationship with the home front. Many divorces take place shortly after a holiday and that is no wonder.

Working often has a positive influence

Working can be very satisfying. If at the end of the day you have the impression that the work went well and that you have achieved a lot, it can give you a feeling of enormous satisfaction. In this way, work can have a very positive influence on your entire sense of life. You come home satisfied, with a positive feeling about yourself and can therefore very easily be positive towards your fellow residents and/or your family. Your social environment will benefit if you get pleasure and satisfaction from your work.

Enjoying the work also gives you energy

People who have turned their hobby into their job are the most positive and can occasionally handle a higher workload. This is often seen in IT companies, where real hobbyists are often at work. These companies sometimes abuse this and consider it completely normal for their motivated employees to “finish something” or “try out a few things” at home in the evening.

Wage for work

People who enjoy their work automatically invest more time in it than others. If there are problems at work, people will go to the internet at home or look for more options outside working hours. There is nothing wrong with that and the company will be very happy with those employees, but if the result is good, they could also receive some extra compensation.


A salary increase for employees who are interested in their work is always good for the mentality of those employees. That motivates people and gives them positive reinforcement. The “work pressure” is therefore not felt as such. An educational trip or a joint outing after a well-delivered project also strengthens the bond between employees and the company and each other.

If your boss puts pressure on you by making too high demands on your work

If you go to work reluctantly and feel that your boss is putting too much pressure on you to get more work done, you often return home tired and with a negative feeling. This also often has an effect on your family members and your social environment, even if you do not want this and you often do not even notice it. The way in which employees are often “bothered” by telephone at home due to problems at work also does not make things any easier.

The smartphone is a blessing, but also a burden

Since the advent of the smartphone, companies can even reach their employees 24 hours a day. Not every company abuses this, but the temptation appears to be too great for some companies. Some companies even track their employees via their mobile phones, so they always know where they are. That looks like stalking and is actually not the intention. This also makes the workload really high.

Work to live and not live to work

You work a large part of your life. There is nothing wrong with that, but the work must be doable. No one will be able to work comfortably every day and come home with a positive feeling. After all, no profession has only positive aspects and every profession has unpleasant things.

Example 1

A roofer will sometimes have a difficult customer, but can often simply be satisfied with the result achieved. If he receives a compliment about this from the customer and he quickly pays the bill, then his day is good again and he finds his work enjoyable.

Example 2

An employee of an IT company can sometimes be completely stuck while programming and cannot find a solution to a particular problem. However, if he has found a good solution in his spare time after three days of searching, he is happy. A compliment from his project leader and a mention in his review make him completely satisfied.

Annoying colleagues can make the workplace unpleasant

Mobbing, bullying at work, can be a major problem. Those who are bullied often have little influence on it. Sometimes people can solve mutual problems by talking about them openly, but often an unpleasant situation at work or among colleagues is difficult to improve. In that case it is better to try to find another job.

Too much work pressure causes stress and is not healthy

Excessive pressure at work is also not always necessary. Some business managers and project leaders do not even realize that they are causing their employees stress, which means that they even perform less well than they would in normal circumstances.

Employees who are under work pressure even deliver less to a company

After all, pressure at work does not always lead to an increase in quality and quantity, but more often to a disturbed working relationship and a lot of grumbling. That is not good for production and mutual relations.

The relationship with the boss

The relationship with the company itself as an employer is also put under considerable pressure in this way. Employees are too tired and often lose interest in the company and its products. Motivated employees deliver good performance. Unmotivated employees deliver lower quality and lower production than would be possible under good conditions.

Energy to work

If you enjoy going to work, enjoy it, enjoy performing and receive an occasional compliment or salary increase, you will also perform better and more than in a work situation where the pressure is too much. The bond with the company is better and the social environment and home situation also benefit from this. You stay healthy for longer and you, but also the company, are better off.

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