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The behavior of men and women

Misunderstandings often arise in interactions between men and women. It is not without reason that much has already been written on this subject. Yet the differences between men and women remain a fascinating subject. You can read more about this in this article…

The behavior of men

It is a man’s nature to withdraw temporarily. Of course, there may be other causes or reasons for this behavior, such as: stress, when a man needs time to put the relationship into perspective, if he wants to test how the woman will react to this, in case of doubt or lack of love within the relationship , lack of self-confidence, when the man feels that he cannot add anything to the woman’s life and plays a subordinate role and of course the urge to be alone for a while.

Fear of commitment?

The fear of commitment can also play a role in both men and women. This may already have its origins in childhood. One person tends to withdraw for fear of losing his or her freedom or when the situation becomes too oppressive. A mistake is to follow the other person too much. Men may also not want to miss going out with friends and women may not want to miss going out with friends. This is often the case with people who have been single for a long time and are not used to taking a permanent partner into account.

Being too possessive

By being overly possessive and constantly chasing the other person, this behavior can scare the partner away. He/she may feel that the partner does not have confidence in the relationship. And it is very oppressive… This behavior can also arise from fear of abandonment, which causes people to ‘cling’ to the other person. The fear of abandonment can occur in both children and adults.

Men underestimate the importance of communication

Women like to receive compliments, they don’t understand that men can sometimes be so rude not to let themselves be heard. Men deal with this much easier. Good communication is important for women. In any case, it would help prevent or resolve any misunderstandings in relationships.

Emphasize the positive

When irritations take over, try to emphasize the positive. Think about or write down the positive qualities of each other. By emphasizing the positive aspects, this will benefit the relationship. This can reduce friction and improve the atmosphere. Try to think positively and possibly focus positive energy in your mind on the situation or the person in question.

Don’t exclude anything or anyone

There are many options to find a partner. The most important thing is that you are open to it and will change your way of thinking if necessary. Try to think positively and exclude nothing and no one. A person who was completely ignored can suddenly turn out to be different and have a certain charisma. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be love at first sight. It may also be that love arises from friendship, or that love must grow. Also create new opportunities for finding a new partner by changing the routine of meeting new people every day.