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Deacidifying your body with food: how and why?

Perhaps you have heard something about deacidifying your body with the right diet. But why exactly? And how? In this article you can also find a list of deacidifying (alkali-forming) foods. And a list of acidifying foods…

An acidic body

Many diseases are linked by naturopaths to an overly acidic body due to too much acidifying food. Cancer, rheumatism and gout, among others, are often linked to too much acidifying food. If food is acidifying, that in itself is not such a big problem. It only becomes a real problem when the acid that is released/produced (to convert this food into useful substances for our body) starts to accumulate. If the acid is not removed quickly enough, the acid waste dump will grow. And that is dangerous.

What does acidifying food do?

Ok, so too much acidifying food is not good. But why exactly? If too much acidifying food enters the body, the body will have to neutralize these acids. The body does this by allowing minerals to bind to acid. With too much acidifying food you lose important minerals. Minerals that are necessary for your body to function properly.

Which foods are acidifying?

Meat products and most dairy products in particular are acidifying, they cause an acidic reaction in your body when converting this food. But some grain and flour products also have an acidifying effect. So you should not consume too much of the list of acidifying foods below:

  • Coffee, black tea
  • All products containing refined sugar (products to which sugar has been added: candy, cookies, etc.)
  • All meat and fish products
  • All butter products
  • All other dairy products
  • Oats, rice, barley, millet,
  • Most nuts (especially peanuts and walnuts)
  • Brussels sprouts and pickles

Alcohol, tobacco and chemical medicines also cause an acidic reaction in the body. Even if you do not chew your food properly, an acidifying reaction can occur in your body. So don’t eat too quickly, chew well and let the saliva do its work.

Which foods are deacidifying?

To neutralize acidifying foods, you must ensure that you consume enough base-forming foods. List of deacidifying foods:

  • Almost all vegetables and legumes (particularly cucumber, gray peas, black radish, pointed cabbage, tomatoes, spinach and lamb’s lettuce)
  • Almost all fruits (especially apricots, lemon, grapefruit, orange and dried figs)
  • Corn products
  • Other: raisins, soybeans, germs

Please note: When cooking food, many valuable minerals are lost, which reduces the deacidifying effect of the food in question.

Deacidification is for everyone!

Whether you are sick or healthy, young or old. Deacidifying your body is healthy for everyone. If you are sick it can help you heal from your illness. If you are an athlete, you will recover faster from training and competitions. Someone else will simply feel fitter.


You don’t need Alka Life to deacidify your body. You can also ensure this with the right nutrition. Lots of fruit and vegetables compared to little meat, dairy and fatty products. So snack on tomatoes and cucumbers instead of chips and nuts.