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Misconceptions about sex in the relationship

Sex is a topic that many people talk about. Yet you see that there are many misconceptions regarding this topic. Understanding each other and what sex is remains very important in a relationship. You both have to want sex, otherwise it will never work out. The existing misconceptions about sex need to be dispelled. That’s better for your relationship.

You can plan sex in your relationship

You can’t plan sex, it has to be spontaneous. Almost everyone lives in a busy society these days and there is hardly any time for each other. Sex is often the first thing to be skipped, especially when you are stressed. Then you just have to plan it together and set aside hours to have sex. This will never work! The real passion is then hard to find. This must be really spontaneous and both must feel like having sex.

No orgasm, no good sex

It always looks different in the movie. A woman and man experiencing a wonderful sex moment and experiencing a wonderful orgasm. In reality, things often turn out very differently. You or your partner can’t always have an orgasm. The misunderstanding here is that many people immediately think that sex must not be good either. This is far from true! Sex is not always dependent on an orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t come.

Men always want sex in the relationship

Of course, there are some men who really want sex very often. It is also common knowledge that a man can easily get in the mood for sex than a woman. Yet there are also men who do not always feel like it, but sometimes just want to cuddle with a woman. If he lays against you with his prod in the morning, that does not necessarily mean that he wants to have sex. He may just want to wake up quietly. A morning erection is a random physical reaction that a man can often do little about.

Sex is only for young people in the relationship

What if you are in your twenties and even in your thirties at some point? Will your sex life slowly diminish? If you believe the movies, that seems to be the case. In a film you often see young beautiful people having sex with each other. Nothing is less true! Sex can be done at any age and can only get better as you get older. Experience with sex is very important to have perfect sex. Research has shown that the quality of sex increases every ten years until the age of ninety. You get to know your body better and become more confident every year.

The longer the relationship, the less the sex becomes

When you start a relationship with each other, the sex is often very explosive and the quantity is high. As the relationship progresses, the amount of sex will certainly decrease. However, the quality of sex increases enormously. You know each other’s bodies so much that you know exactly what the other person wants. It is important that you continue to make time for each other.

You don’t belong if you score below average

The average frequency of sex is twice a week. Is your sex life finally over if you don’t have sex for a week? Do you average once a week? No, your sex life is certainly not over. Make sure that the sexless period does not last too long, otherwise a threshold will arise that will continue to increase.

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