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Moments of silence in a busy life

A moment of silence every now and then is good for the mind and although we actually know this, for some reason we rarely or never make use of it. We go on and on and it is precisely such a moment of silence that makes many people feel embarrassed. As if there always has to be sound around us. If you dare to take a few moments for yourself, you can do this in the most diverse ways and even with everyday things. Give yourself some time.


Actually very simple, it provides you with new, refreshing energy. Energy to tackle things again, to gain new insights, to react more sharply and sometimes also to give the mind some more peace. Some people even use it during a nap between busy moments.


Strictly speaking, concentration is always important, but especially if you are looking for a moment of silence in a busy environment, being able to concentrate well is very important. You train concentration by focusing on a certain point and trying to maintain it. You have to train this and try to maintain concentration just a little longer each time. So if you want to immediately start building in a moment of silence daily or at least several times a week, start in a quiet environment. This may well be in combination with everyday things.

Find moments of silence

As mentioned, these can be everyday moments, such as:

  • The daily walk with the dog, which is preferred in a quiet green environment (also for the dog) but is not a must.
  • By bike to work, school or the shop. Just take the normal cycle route, only if you have to brave very busy cycle paths, your concentration can lead to unexpected moments.
  • Walking to a destination gives you more space and more opportunity for good concentration and see which route to your destination will benefit you most.
  • Find a job that you can do purely on a routine basis. By turning on the autopilot and focusing your mind, you can switch the switch in your head.
  • No dog… then simply going for a walk in a relaxing environment will certainly increase the chance of a good moment of silence, such as: the coastline, the forest, the heath or a walking path in the city.
  • Find a relaxing space in your home, possibly the bedroom, but it could also be an attic or bathroom or a reading corner in the living room. Make sure you are surrounded by a pleasant scent (fragrance oil, scented candle, incense, etc.) and possibly some quiet soft music in the background.

Concentrate and try to hold that moment.

How to organize a moment of silence?

A moment of silence can be arranged in any way. It really just depends on what you prefer. What is important is that you preferably surround yourself with things that relax you. For some people that is nice music, for others it is a pleasant smell and for others it is doing some yoga exercises. But if your garden is relaxing and the weather permits, then nothing will stop you from using it for this. It’s just about allowing your body to relax.

Yoga exercise for support

If you don’t have anything specific, the yoga exercise below may help:Lie flat on your back with your legs slightly apart and your arms on the floor away from your body, palms facing up. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in very slowly through your nose and feel your stomach rise. Remember that when you exhale (again through your nose) the full oxygen flows through your body towards your organs and the consumed oxygen leaves your body again. Do nothing for a second and then breathe deeply in the same way again. Make sure you can maintain this for a few minutes, so that your body has the opportunity to release the tension.

Moment of concentration in the mind

If you have trouble concentrating, imagine a fictional picture. For example, a sun-drenched beach where you are alone or a quiet river where you can sway on the water. Or better yet combine it in your mind, after all, everything is possible.Close your eyes and see yourself on a rowing boat on a calm stretch of water going downstream. You don’t have to make a big effort to progress slowly. Feel your boat rocking on the water and experience how much fun it is. As if you are back in that safe womb. The weather is beautiful and the sun feels like a warm blanket on the water. Due to the gentle wind on the water, it does not feel unpleasant.Slowly that beautiful coastline comes into view. A coastline with a silver-white beach and swaying palm trees. Landing your bare feet on the sand here is a treat and you slowly land one foot at a time. You sit with your face towards the water with your back straight and you sink into the pleasant feeling. Hold the moment until you are ready to go back. You then get back into the boat and paddle quietly back to the starting point. Rested, you step onto the jetty.


With a little imagination you can come up with your own moments and give meaning to them. But it is important to take those moments of silence for yourself, especially in a busy society. No selfishness or anything similar, just gaining new energy and that will only make you sharper and more productive.