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Clothing in nude color is the new color

It’s not entirely clear to me why it should be called “nude”, because when you say skin color, you basically say the same thing. But skin color has something grandma-like with skin color underwear and matching tights. But if it is nude, then it is good, the shops are full of it and let’s be honest… it is a color that you can go in any direction with.

Wide range of products

The range is very wide and from the largest brands Valentino, Givency or Lanvin to the chains H & M, C & A or on the internet Le Ballon and Wehkamp, everyone has nudes. Nudes in dresses, jackets, shirts or shoes and of course the bag is not missing. In short, coming up with the right combination is not that big of a problem. If you are going to combine it, it just has to combine well with another color.

To combine

Where things can sometimes go wrong is combining them in the right way. Because putting the nudes together is still possible. What more women have difficulty with is the color that completes it. For example, a deep red color can make the whole look warmer, black a bit neater and more businesslike, white a bit more girlish and with the blue jeans you get a more cool look. It just depends on what you prefer and what suits you.

What is the emphasis on?

A colour

The emphasis is on two different areas. There are the supple openwork dresses that do not need another nuance color to complete the look. Just a nice summer dress (for the day or a longer model for the evenings) in a nude color with matching shoes (sexy with a big heel, or quieter with a flat shoe and ankle closure) and your simple outfit is actually finished.Working only with a nude color is also possible for a late afternoon or evening skirt in the form of a long button-down skirt in a deeper nude color and a lighter nude color as a top above it. Flat nude-colored shoes with ankle closure complete the look.

With nuance color

Another starting point is the nude color that is combined with another color. There are Indian-style shirts that look nice and cool with jeans and are slightly more feminine if you wear a denim skirt with high open nude suede boots.Or combine the denim skirt and nude suede boots with a tight nude shirt (with or without a nude cardigan over it). The openwork cardigans are beautifully fitted and perfect for a summer day where the sun is less visible.You can dress it up by wearing a beautiful nude-colored jacket with a black or dark red dress or blouse with a skirt underneath. Don’t forget to wear beautiful nude-colored pumps in patent leather or suede .You can make the nude-colored clothing a bit more girlish by combining it with white. A simple white dress with a beautiful openwork nude-colored cardigan, matching braided leather belt and nude-colored ballerinas usually show a somewhat softer image .


So even for women who don’t think the nude color suits their own skin color, great combinations can be made. In that case, make sure that the contrasting color is the color closest to the neck or face. A scarf can often mean a lot in this regard. Furthermore, it is also a matter of daring and trying.