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Creative gifts for baby showers

The birth of a child is something to be celebrated extensively! And of course a party includes a gift. Standard gifts are often given, such as a cuddly toy, hat or clothes. This article gives some tips for an original and creative gift that parents can always use. After all, one can never have too many towels and diapers, for example! Do you find it difficult to think of an original gift? The options are often limited because new parents are showered with gifts, during the baby shower, but also before. But a gift that may seem less original at first glance, such as towels or diapers, can still be very valuable and also fun to receive! Below you will find some tips to turn simple and useful items into a very original and creative gift!Being discussed:

  • Bib with your own text and/or image
  • Crib made of diapers
  • Towel bear


Bib with your own text and/or image

A bib or pajamas is always a good gift for parents. Make the gift even more fun by giving it a personal twist. There are several online stores where you can have your own text or photo printed on a bib. Some online stores are:

  • Baby & Gift Shop Mitch

However, you can also choose to buy a neutral bib and have it printed with a photo of your choice at a store such as MultiCopy or Hema.

Nice texts

EatPlaySleepRepeat_ Give me food! 50% mom50% dad=100% PERFECT My parents are tiring… Mommy’s boy/daddy’s boy I’m daddy’s little princess 

Crib made of diapers


  • Ribbon, in desired color and width (I recommend a moderately wide to wide ribbon)
  • A pack of diapers
  • Stapler
  • Needle and thread
  • Small ribbons, bows and possibly other decorations


  1. Use about ¾ (or a little more) of the diapers as a bed. Arrange them in a way that creates a nice rectangular shape.
  2. Tie a wide ribbon around the diapers. For strength, you can staple the ends of the ribbon together. If necessary, you can attach a loose ribbon when stapling it, which you can then use to make a bow.
  3. If you have it available, you can place the diaper bed on a thin board of the same size. This reduces the risk of the center section sagging. However, the shelf is not necessary!
  4. Roll two or three diapers together and tie them with a piece of wide ribbon. Repeat this again with two or three other diapers. These rolls form the legs of the cradle. Secure the rolls using a needle and thread. Pass the thread through the center of the roll and then around the diapers (under the ribbon). Repeat this again for firmness. Repeat everything for the other leg.
  5. You should now have one or possibly a few diapers left, these will form the hood of the crib. If you have one diaper left, unfold it and secure it under the ribbon that is already around the other diapers. If you have multiple diapers, place them on top of each other. Once again, secure them under the ribbon. Put a ribbon around the hood and attach the ribbon to the other ribbon (that goes around the bed). Again, use staples, which are disguised with bows.
  6. Finally, place a washcloth over the diapers, like a blanket.


Towel bear


  • 6 washcloths (these form the ears, arms and legs)
  • 2 large towels (these form the belly)
  • 2 medium towels (these towels will form the head later)
  • Ribbon in the same color as the towels.
  • Stapler
  • Needle and thread
  • Buttons, bows and other decorations


  1. Fold the towels in half lengthwise. Fold them in half again lengthwise. Roll up the first towel. Then roll the second towel around it.
  2. Then tie a ribbon around it (not too tightly, but just so that it stays together). Not this.
  3. Roll up the two medium towels in the same way and tie a ribbon around them.
  4. Also roll up all the washcloths and tie them with a ribbon.
  5. Sew the ribbon that spans the head to the ribbon of the belly.
  6. Also sew the ears to the head and the arms and legs to the belly.
  7. Sew two buttons on the head, these represent eyes. Sew another button in the middle of the towel, this will form the nose.
  8. You can further decorate the bear with bows, roses or other accessories.