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Simple tips against stress

Stress is a very common problem that can be harmful to health. It enhances the production of the so-called stress hormone ‘cortisol’. You can experience stress in different situations, for example when you are expected to perform or during a move to another country. In addition, you can experience stress when you exert yourself physically. There are several ways to reduce stress. What food products are effective against stress? What other tools are there to reduce stress?

Simple tips against stress

  • Find out the cause
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Power supply
  • Night’s sleep
  • Products


Find out the cause

It is recommended to determine the cause of your stress. You can make stress disappear by removing the cause. For example, you can become stressed when you are very busy and/or when a lot is expected of you. This includes, among other things, the pressure to perform during exams, presentations or job applications. Some individuals experience a great deal of stress when they find themselves in situations that are perceived as negative. This includes phenomena such as claustrophobia and fear of heights. These stressful situations cause the body to produce extra stress hormones (‘cortisol’).

Stress hormones

The stress hormones are hormones that ensure that the body is ready in certain situations so that the chances of survival are increased. However, if the body experiences too much stress, it can be harmful. In the long term, an overdose of stress hormones can cause obesity, low resistance and high blood pressure, among other things.


Sufficient exercise and sport is very effective against stress. Exercise ensures that your thoughts are focused on this. In addition, the tension in your muscles caused by stress is removed. Another consequence is that you get positive feelings because of exercise. This feeling is caused by the substances released in your body.Source: Ecowa, Pixabay


Meditation causes your heart rate to slow down. Meditating gives you the opportunity to relax physically (and mentally). It is best to meditate in a quiet room or environment. You can meditate by closing your eyes and clearing your thoughts. You can do this by just focusing your attention on your breathing. A massage can also help you relax.

Breathing exercises

In some cases, breathing exercises can make you feel better by lowering your heart rate. You should only breathe in and out with your nose, you should not use your mouth. You do this by breathing for 4 seconds, then holding your breath for 7 seconds, and then exhaling for 8 seconds. These breathing exercises can be combined with meditation.

Power supply

Eating healthy food ensures that you can handle stress better. It is important to have enough energy. Omega 3 fatty acids ensure that cortisol production is reduced. Omega 3 can be found in all kinds of fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon. Strawberries and walnuts, for example, also contain these fatty acids.

Vitamin B

Products that contain vitamin B make you feel better. Vitamin B ensures energy extraction from the food you consume. However, your vitamin B stores are used up in the production of stress hormones. To replenish your vitamin B supply, you can use vitamin B supplements and/or eat yoghurt, for example. Yogurt contains bacteria that promote vitamin B production in your intestines.

Vitamin C

The substance vitamin C has a positive effect on your cortisol levels. This substance ensures that the amount of cortisol in your blood decreases more quickly when you have experienced stress. Vitamin C can be found in all kinds of fruits.

Night’s sleep

Sleep is a natural way for your body to recover. While sleeping, memories are stored and you relax physically and mentally. This ensures that you can handle stress better the next day. You can improve your night’s sleep by exercising during the day, going to bed earlier and ensuring a regular sleep pattern.


Anti-stress ball

An anti-stress ball is a simple tool to help you relax more. By squeezing the stress ball you shift your attention, causing you to experience less stress.

The fidget spinner

The fidget spinner became all the rage in March 2017 and can act as a kind of anti-stress ball. A fidget spinner consists of three protrusions and a so-called ‘ball bearing’ to maintain a rotating movement. Place the toy between your thumb and index finger. After this, you can get the toy spinning by means of a swinging motion.

Medicines & other products

There are strong medications such as benzodiazepines (BDZ) and antidepressants. Before switching to medication, it is wise to try the above methods. You should first consult a doctor before using these medications, but these medications are generally not recommended. These medications suppress negative emotions that can resurface when these medications are stopped.Valdispert Valdispert is a herbal remedy that consists of various ingredients with a vegetable origin. The drug is effective against stress and sleep problems. The herbal remedy includes melatonin (a substance that has an effect on the sleep rhythm), lemon balm (effective to relax the nerves), and valerian. Valerian is very effective against stressful situations. However, the substance melatonin can also have side effects. The body produces this substance on its own, but it can have negative consequences if the amount of melatonin in your blood becomes out of balance. Melatonin has an effect on various body processes.