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Detoxing and losing weight with foot patches: how does it work?

Using foot patches to remove waste from the body is one of many methods of detoxification. The theory behind this is that many nerve pathways end in the sole of the foot. According to the age-old insights of acupuncture and reflexology, different zones in the foot correspond to the organs in the body. By using foot plasters these organs could be stimulated to detoxify and thus remove waste products. Kinoki Detox Foot Patches and Kanji-Kenko Detox Patches are two types of detox patches that claim to provide various health benefits including combating fatigue, easing digestion and supporting diet.

Foot patches: detoxification and weight loss

  • Detoxing: how does it work?
  • Kinoki Detox Foot Patches
  • Kanji-Kenko Detox Patches
  • If it doesn’t help then it won’t hurt?


Detoxing: how does it work?

Detoxification is another name for detoxing . It is used by alternative practitioners to describe a process of removing toxins or waste from the body. This can be done through various means, both internal and external. For example, detoxification treatments are done with, for example, an enema or colonic irrigation, with a juice fasting treatment, oil-pulling or a clay pack. These treatments are very different, but have in common that they are aimed at supporting the body to remove waste products better. The body normally does this itself via the liver and kidneys, but there are theories that the removal of waste products can sometimes not be optimal due to, for example, poor nutrition or stress. It is not scientifically proven that a detox treatment actually helps, but many people still swear by it.Detoxification is also regularly used in diets to rid the intestines of waste products. It should not be seen as a standalone weight loss method but rather as a method to support weight loss while eating healthily and exercising.

Kinoki Detox Foot Patches

Kinoki Detox Foot Patches from Kiyome is a very popular product in Asia that has come to Europe and is available in the Netherlands at various drugstores. The patches should be applied to the sole of the foot before going to bed for five days in a row. Natural ingredients such as bamboo vinegar, tourmaline and chitin have to do their work there. According to the product information, the foot patches are beneficial to health in various areas. Thus, they would have the following effects:

  • Combat fatigue
  • Relieve digestion and relieve bloating
  • Promote weight loss and can support a diet
  • Help against sweaty feet
  • Bring the body into balance
  • Make you feel fitter

The main claim is that the Kinoki Detox Foot Patches remove toxins from the body and that this provides the health benefits mentioned above. Although there is no scientifically substantiated story behind this claim, the progression in the treatment can be observed with your own eyes. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will notice that the patches have turned very dark after the first night. If all goes well, the dark discoloration will diminish day by day until only a light discoloration is visible after the fifth day. It is important to drink enough water every day during the treatment (1.5 liters) and to avoid the use of caffeine and smoking products.Different zones correspond to different bodies / Source: TarcísioTS, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Kanji-Kenko Detox Patches

Kanji-Kenko Detox Plasters are based on age-old Eastern insights into the field of acupuncture . It is known that the body can have difficulty removing certain waste products. This applies, for example, to dioxins. These dioxins are commonly found in certain types of fish. This is also the reason why pregnant women are advised not to eat certain types of fish during pregnancy. The Kanji-Kenko Detox Plasters attempt to contribute to the removal of these difficult-to-remove waste products. You may then wonder how sticking a plaster on the sole of the foot can contribute to this. The theory behind this is that many nerve pathways end at this location. These nerve pathways play a central role in acupuncture and reflexology. The patches could stimulate various organs in the body to detox via these nerve pathways.A detoxification treatment with Kanji-Kenko Detox Patches lasts six days . A plaster should be placed under each foot every day before going to sleep. Ideally, you should leave it on for six to eight hours while you sleep. If all goes well, you will see the dark discoloration of the plasters diminishing day by day. If the plasters are still very dark after the sixth day, you can repeat the treatment again.

If it doesn’t help then it won’t hurt?

As mentioned, it has not been scientifically proven that detoxification treatments based on foot patches can actually contribute to better removal of waste products from the body or support weight loss. Yet many people swear by it. It is a well-known phenomenon that the mere belief in its effectiveness can lead to a better state of mind, allowing users to become convinced that the treatment has had an effect. In the case of detoxification with foot plasters, the adage ‘if it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt’ certainly applies. While other detoxification methods such as taking clay products orally or starting an overnight fast can also have a negative impact on health, detoxification with foot patches is not known to have any negative side effects.

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